Benefits of Pets

While not all of us have had the experience of working with a therapy pet, most of us know that having a pet has many benefits. But did you know there there are actually physical and mental health benefits to owning a pet? Spending time with your furry (or scaled/feathered) friend can effect you in a positive way. Here are some ways that you pet helps your body:

  • Those who own pets have over all lower blood pressure
  • Pet owners have lower Triglyceride and cholesterol which is a sign of better heart health
  • Pets trigger the release of endorphins (elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine which can lead to a calm relaxed state
  • They help diminish physical pain

Bet that was more than you expected, huh? We do a lot for our pets, and though they can speak to us they do a lot for us in return. Pets don’t just help us physically they also help our emotional and mental health.

  • They can help relieve depression
  • They can decrease feelings of isolation
  • They provide comfort (I think we all know this)
  • Pets can help increase socialization
  • Help reduce boredom
  • Pets help lower anxiety (this is a big one for me, and they totally do help me with my anxiety, more than I can say.)
  • They reduce lonliness
  • Promote a sense of responsibility

A big reason that pets can be beneficial is that (excluding fish, who actually can help reduce muscle tension) they fill a human’s innate need for physical contact. They calm and soothe us when we are stressed, they will always listen to what we have to say without judgement, and they will provide us with unconditional love. There are so many animals out there that are just waiting for their chance to help and with the right one, whether it be from a breeder or a shelter, they can improve the quality of your life, and be the friend that will always be there for you.

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