Welcome To Oliver in Training!

This is our first post!

About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and when through chemotherapy to treat it. I am okay now, the cancer has been gone for two years. That being said, I went through much of my treatment alone. My friends were there, but I was at college and so my family was thousands of miles away and with them, my dog Sam. As I was going through treatment, sometimes all I wanted was to hold Sam and just let him love me, but I couldn’t. When I got home, I got to spend all the time I wanted with Sam, but it got me thinking, how many people going through treatment go through it alone? How many people just want an animal friend to hold for 30 minutes just to feel loved and normal again?

Well, recently my therapist and I decided that I was in a good place to get a pet, I had been suffering from some anxiety and depression as a result of treatment (I am much better now, no worries!) but with that behind me, I felt I could bring a new member into my family. I am graduating college in May, and as a present my grandparents are getting me a kitten. And not just any kitten, but a Sphynx kitten. My little baldy. His name is Oliver and he is just the sweetest. The first time I held him he fell asleep in my arms. I am getting him as a personal pet, and if his personality suits, I am hoping that I can train him to be a therapy cat. I was also thinking about how he can’t be with every person who is sick and that gave me the idea for this blog. While I wish I could give everyone a little kitten to cuddle, I can’t, but maybe if I post my journey with Oliver it can help a little. Maybe he can be a therapy cat through this blog and help people escape for a little while, and give them some joy and strength to get through whatever trial they are facing.

I plan on sharing our experiences through posts, pictures, videos and more. I hope that this helps some people! And check back for pictures!

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